"Ballpark" Pricing

It's very simple. For mixing, I now accept budget ranges. I call this "Ballpark Pricing." As of February 2018, any band, musician or artist can email me with their budget and so long as it is reasonable I will take on the project. The range is vast so that "reasonable" has very flexible meaning. I can assess a project and the circumstances, so just throw your budget out to me. What's the worst that can happen? I don't take the project.


So I leave that up to you. Considering all factors, what's your music worth? what's my time worth working on your music?

Bulk Discount Pricing

Again, very simple. For any project, every 4th song brings a 10% discount



  • 4 Song Project = 10% off total

  • 8 Song Project = 20% off total


and so on...

Referral Reward Pricing

With referrals, there are 2 levels of discounted special pricing. 

1. Simply refer a lead to me. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Refer another band or musician looking for mixing. They should be a real band of course, and get in touch with me. Just be honest about it and it's all good however it turns out. 

  • Have a 3-song minimum project for me from you.

What YOU get: 10% off total

2. Refer a lead with conversion. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Same as above, refer another band or musician looking for mixing along with a commitment from that other band in the form of a deposit. 

  • Have a 3-song minimum project for me from you.

What YOU get: FREE mix + 10% off total