• Bob Davodian

Welcome to the Taurean Mixing blog

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

My name is Bob and I run Taurean Mixing. It's an online mixing and audio service in which I offer a variety professional audio services. This also includes editing, DDP creation, audio file format conversions, and more. I've primarily mixed and mastered metal genres, including death metal, grindcore metal, power metal, speed metal, thrash metal. I've also worked on hardcore genres such as post-hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, and probably an apple and peach core too :)

I have always been interested in the audio aspect of music. Back in '92 I "invented" a way to have multi-tracks by means of daisy-chaining cassette decks & over dubbing through a Peavy mixer! When I got my first 4-track Portastudio, that was the clincher, I was hooked. In 2003 I obtained certification from The Institute of Audio Research working on analog and digital mixing and mastering. As I mentioned, I usually work with the heavier genres but I have worked on rock and some pop as well. I also have an affinity for orchestral music and in my family there are classical music composers including my own attempts at orchestral music using MIDI mock-ups.

It is increasingly difficult to work with the right mixing or mastering engineer these days since anybody can create a website, acquire some plugins, call themselves a "promixer" and start cleverly ranking in the search engines. But I can only speak for myself as being the real deal. As having put in a lot of time in the education, practice, and the perseverance in the craft of audio editing, mixing, and mastering. Being a musician my whole life essentially also connects me to other musicians and bands in terms of their striving, desires, and goals. I get it. And being a remote, online mixing and mastering professional audio service allows me to work with anybody from any where in the world.

Stay tuned too, because I will soon announce a special pricing scheme for everybody and anybody along with ways to save more money working with me. Even though this is my business, I sincerely make focusing on your music the first priority. It's an immense joy to do this as my work.

So for your next demo, EP or full album, hit me up for your mixing and mastering needs, and let's make you sound the best as humanly possible!

- Bob

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