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Summing Comparison: Slate VCC 2.0 versus Nicersizer mk2

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

UPDATE 6-15-15: results have been posted and I nailed it 100%! Incidentally, it seems I was the only one who got them all right on this test.

Check out Steven Slate’s Gearslutz result post here.

See my original blog post down below.

—————————– About a week ago, June 6th 2015, #StevenSlate of #SlateDigital posted a summing comparison at Gearslutz in the “Slate Digital VIRTUAL CONSOLE COLLECTION 2.0” thread. He used one highly praised analog unit called the Nicersizer mk2 and the rest he used all 6 console models in the Slate Virtual Console Collection 2.0 plugin. These models include #SSL 4K E and G, #Trident 80B, #RCA #Tube #Console, #API 1604, and a #Neve 8048.

Steven Slate said: “Several people in this forum have claimed that analog summing is superior to any digital emulation of summing, and that the “weight” and “depth” could easily be heard in an analog sum. Well, one of the following files was summed analog through what a lot of people call the best sounding hardware summing box available. Can you easily identify which one? (files 24bit 44.1khz)

Here are the files he posted:

www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/ITB.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum1.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum2.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum3.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum4.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum5.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum6.wav www.stevenslate.com/vcctest/sum7.wav

And here is the original post from Gearslutz.

Can you guess what is what or at the very least pick out the analog unit?

Here are my thoughts and what I think is what:

itb – ITB. No argument there, this one is definitely the ITB one. (j/k)

1 – Brit N. Mostly about the lows with this guy with upper mid softening.

2 – HW. I’ve never used the Nicerizer before so by deduction, I think it is this one. Nice sounding by the way. By NO means more “magical” than the others; just another color. I’d say G is pretty comparable to this but I find more punch with VCC G.

3 – 4K E. Hearing that low end tightness, clean up and upper mid range sheen.

4 – RC Tube. Inflated and big, round sound, cool ‘chaotic’ and harmonic-rich high end.

5 – Trident. I always hear a hi-fi-ish, classy thing with this one. A nice sheen in the highs.

6 – 4K G. In my opinion I constantly find the G sonically in between the E and the Brit N. Sort of has a low enhancing thing going on like the N but the upper mid sheen does pop a little as well where the E is more choral and obvious.

7 – US A. I’ll really be surprised if this isn’t the api one with that forward driving mid range.

My original GS post (My moniker was formely TranscendingM on Gearslutz.com, now Taurean)

Needless to say, I very much enjoy using VCC 2.0 and is part of my arsenal of #mixing, and #mastering tools as well. For many years now, I have been proposing that ITB mixing can be molded to be on par or even better than OTB mixing. A lot of people listened to the same mix through various console emulations, took guesses, and nothing stood out as being clearly “ANALOG” and/or “BETTER.” Consider summing or console emulations to take your mixing to a new sonic level.

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