• Bob Davodian

“Q American Series” API EQ VST by Volko Audio

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

I had a chance to test out The “Q American Series” by #VolkoAudio. They state that this series digitally recreates the legendary #API 550a, 550b and 560 vintage American console equalizer counterparts. It seems they accomplished that task with a touch of their own character. All three of these equalizers share the punchy, API high mid-forward sound. However with Volko Audio’s rendition, they achieved partly a bigger sound and notably, more aggressive harmonic over-tones, in a pleasing way. I think this EQ series is a great #mixing bundle and can be utilized for drum and bass guitar shaping especially. Each EQ, while retaining the API sound, also offers its own unique sonic foot print.

QA – overall tighter, tad warmer sound

QB – more open top end than “A,” and more sheen

QG – some where between those 2 with it’s own mid range focus

Check out Volko Audio and the API emulation EQ’s here: https://www.volkoaudio.com/product/q-american-series


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