• Bob Davodian

Neve 73 style EQ shootout

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

In November of 2014, I had posted a #Gearslutz thread comparing the various #Neve73 style mixing #EQ plugin emulation offerings. Here is the original thread.

Keep in mind, my test is rather unique as I do not simply strap an EQ across the stereo mix bus, boost a frequency, and call a day. I am actually placing an instance on each track and mixing it down like a real-world situation. So each track is shaped and molded using a 73 emulation, closer to a real mixing scenario. The contenders are from #IK, #SlateDigital VMR, #Nebula, #UAD, #Waves, #Sonimus, and I also included #TimPethrick’s Gyrator EQ which shares an ancestry with the Neve family of equalization. It’s different but still worth comparing and listening to.

The Files all matched @ track level and @ final mix RMS: -22.2 +/- .1 dB:

Dry mix Nebula mix AlexB IK mix Slate VMR mix Waves Schepps mix UAD mkII mix Gyrator mix Sonimus mix

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