• Bob Davodian

Meaning and Subjective Bias: ITB vs OTB

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Misunderstanding, a lot of times, points to a semantic problem. If you assume the meaning of a word, then you will apply it’s meaning to the context of a sentence. Then based on the assumed meaning, you then misinterpret the word in a context. Meaning and subjective bias are confounded.

This problem also holds true in the audio world. Folks are still #mixing (pun not intended) up the notions of “character” or non-linearity with qualifiers such as more real; more true; more fidelity. It is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of #digitalaudio versus #analogaudio. Pristine fidelity (ITB) is then misunderstood as possibly not truest or real while the imperfection of analog (OTB) comes across as better fidelity. We have confused what we like to hear with what is actually and technically perfect – as in representation.

So, this must be understood:

Fidelity does not always mean “better.”

Better does not always mean “fidelity.”

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