• Bob Davodian

EQ shootout: ACUSTICA Green, Magenta, Amber, Orange, Ivory, Honey Equalizers

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Here’s a shootout I set up at #Gearslutz of Acustica’s Acqua line of #EQ’s. This is not a typical rendering. Much like my previous post on the Neve 73 EQ, I perform full #mixing with cuts and boosts but not just over the stereo bus. We have an instance across 3 stem tracks: drums, bass, and guitars; akin to stem #mastering if you will. Then of course all summed together and #RMS level matched at track level, the bus level, and the master out put at a -17.1 RMS #AES standard level. All settings were matched with an analyzer, as close as they could get to each other.

They all have lovely and different character to contribute, depending on the music and the task at hand. Any and all of these would make great #mixing and #mastering tools.

The Files:

Dry File Amber EQ Green EQ Magenta EQ Orange EQ Ivory EQ Honey EQ

About the EQ’s: although each EQ is its own entity and at times a unique hybrid, these are the hardware equalizers most comparable to them.

Amber is inspired by the Avalon AD2055, a classic mixing equalizer.. Green emulates the GML 8200. Magenta is inspired by the Massive Passive, a nice mastering equalizer. Orange is the Orban 672A. Ivory inspiration comes from Maselec MEA-2. Honey is inspired by Harrison Console EQ, a legendary mixing console.

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