• Bob Davodian

The Changing Audio World

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

The audio world, much like anything else, will be overtaken by digital technology. More specifically, the notion of #mixing or #mastering entirely “in the box” as they say, will become normal practice. I myself have made the decision to #mix entirely ITB but not without good effort to mimic the fullness, harmonic richness, and character of analog. In a word, the "character" of #analog #processing.

For the less initiated, mimicking these desirable analog attributes does not necessarily mean slapping on a plugin and hoping for the best. Time and time again have I seen this point confused with actually producing a sound through the combining of plugin processors as well as the routing and technique aspects of the digital domain, rather than thinking “oh, well this such and such plugin modeling this analog device doesn’t really sound like the hardware, so that means digital is inferior and can not compete with analog.” This misses the point entirely. Coming up with “a sound” comes from how cleverly one can manipulate a signal #ITB, and in doing so, one arrives at “a sound” that is comparable to what an analog processor achieves. In the end, that is what it is all about: a sonic result. There is in fact nothing else but a sonic result. No listener of music asserts that this song sounds SO analog or that song sounds SO digital. They merely acknowledge that something sounds good, end of story. It's only through the suggestion by authority where the terms "analog" or "digital" are assigned inherent qualities.

I'm positive that just a few years after I post this blog, #digital #processing itself will have caught up or even surpass directly its analog counterpart. And until total automation takes over (gasp!), results still are dependent on the operator (I vote to keep it that way but I'm sure I'll be disappointed with the exuberance and novelty of "technological advancement").

So my personal forecast right now in 2009 in who will lead this digital evolution, besides smaller boutique developers, is largely #SlateDigital, #UniversalAudio, and #AcusticaAudio.


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