Here's some information for preparing your material for submission. Everything from file formats to file attributes is included. If things are still not 100% clear feel free to send me an email.

What to include.

  • Music mixing involves lots of organization. Clearly label and name your individual tracks. Create a distinct and consistent naming scheme that is easy to decipher. That means no tracks labeled "1-000-track2-01.wav." Something like "1-Kick In.wav" works much better.

  • If you don't want to hire me for extensive editing and/or tuning, make sure your files are properly edited and tuned before submitting them. 

  • It is very helpful information to include BPM information for each song. Tempo changes and time signature information is also very helpful. Tempo maps in MIDI format are even better with all of this information built in for me to import.

  • If an audible click track can be supplied that can help reinforce the above point. 

  • Song structure is also good to include. It can be a basic layout: intro, verse, etc.

  • It is very helpful to record D.I. tracks, if applicable, and include it with your tracks. This leaves options for "re-amps" or "re-instrumenting" certain tracks in case they need it. It is a good fall-back just in case.

  • Any and all notes you might have about a song, a certain part or special requests.

  • For mastering, any ISRC, UPC codes should be submitted. Also, all performers names and song-writing credits should be submitted. ID3 and metadata is good to submit as well for MP3 tagging. 


File Formats.

  • Use any of the following file formats when submitting files. WAV/Broadcast Wave is ideal but these are good too: AIFF, W64, WMA, AU, SND, SD2, CAF, AIF, AIFc, ASF, AU, W64, MPEG, MPG, OMFI, QuickTime 6, WMA9, & FLAC. MP3's may also be accepted IF that is all that is available!

  • Please use .zip or .rar to secure your data before transferring.

  • The purest and least processed material is always best for any given service. This means use project bit depths of at least 24-bit. Files can be anywhere from 16-bit to 64-bit. If you are not sending floating point and instead sending 24-bit files, use plain TPDF dither when exporting each track. I would advise to use 44.1 khz sampling rate. If non-linear processing is performed, I'll upsample if needed so 44.1 khz is all you need for recording.

  • If sending in stereo mixes for mastering, send sampling rates any where from 44.1 - 88.2 khz. 96 Khz is also acceptable. Most importantly don't convert bit depth or sampling rate, keep it at where you started recording.


No Processing.

Please refrain from processing tracks before sending them. Keep these points in mind.

  • Do not apply any gain changes, plug-in processing such as compression, limiting or equalization, applying shaped dithering, truncation, bit depth changes, sample rate conversions or normalization to any of the tracks.

  • If you have a special effect in mind for a certain part of a track or the entire track, go ahead and apply it the way you want it to sound. Or, give me instructions on what you are looking for as far as the effect goes. If you do "print" an effect to the track, give me a "clean" version of that instrument track along with the effected version.

  • If you are doing your own mixing to send me for mastering, most importantly, mix clean! There's no need to try and reach 0dbFS. Give your tracks headroom for your plugins and the master bus. If you are mixing at 24-bits you can have your peaks reach any where from -10, -12 dbFS to around -3 dbFS on occasion. Ensuring enough headroom will keep your plugins sounding at their optimal state and you don't have to worry about clipping your mix or creating too hot of a mix.

  • Refrain from any kind of intro or outro fades, instead send me notes on that with specific times.

  • Refrain from using limiters or maximizers "for loudness" on your stereo mix.

  • If you are sending mixes in for mastering, when you are exporting your mix, make sure you are not noise-shape dithering, reducing bit-depth or changing sampling rate. Again, TPDF dither is OK for 24-bit exported mixes.

    When you are in doubt please don't hesitate to ask me questions.

    - Bob

File preparation before submission